Image Presentation

Create a stunning wall or tabletop feature which will be a talking point for years to come. Listed below are innovative ways to display you images.
Wedding photography montage

The Acrylic Perspective.

The crisp, clean lines of the perspective acrylic subtly enhances your favourite image, ....more?


Spicer Hallfield frames offer various styles of presentation, ....more?

Canvas Wrap Prints.

A traditional approach to image display but now with state of the art technology to transform your image into a stunning Canvas Print which will last a lifetime, ....more?

12mm Acrylic Prints.

Create visual impact with a Crystal Clear Diamond Polished Acrylic an amazing WOW factor presentation for your images, ....more?

Box Framed Acrylic

New Box Frame Acrylic, your acrylic print presented in a new stylish box frame, ....more?

The Lifestyle Acrylic Range.

The Lifestyle Acrylic Range - Seven presentation styles using a combination of mixed sizes - a *Must Have* ....more?

The Premier Acrylic Range.

The Premier Range of acrylics is just one of a number of attractive lifestyle products ....more?

The Gallery Print

Gallery Prints are the Perfect way to display your larger images to give the effect that they are floating just off the surface of the wall. ....more?

The Glacier Artistry Range.

The Artistry product is a clean and sharp way to present your images, ....more?

Metal Edge Print.

Another lifestyle product, the Metal Edge Print takes contemporary display to another level, ....more?

Glacier Block.

Designed for exclusive desktop presentation, the Glacier Block is a stylish and eye catching way to display your images, ....more?

The Glacier Magnetic.

A simple yet effective alternative to our Glacier Blocks, the Glacier Magnetic range gives you the freedom to change your image as often as you like, ....more?