Image Presentation
The Premier Range of acrylics is just one of a number of attractive lifestyle products

The Premier Acrylic Range.

The Premier Acrylic Range

The Premier range is made from 5mm frosted acrylic back and front plates separated by raised fixing pins at each corner. They are available as a single image or as a triple panoramic and are delivered to you with the prints laminated in either satin or gloss finish.
An advantage with the premier acrylic range is that the image panels are replaceable, allowing you to update your image and refresh your product.
Prices of replacement image panels are available on request.

The columns below represent:-
Back Panel, Image size and Price

20x16 - 16x12 - £250.00

24x20 - 20x16 - £285.00

28x24 - 24x20 - £315.00

28x28 - 24x24 - £360.00

30x11 - 3x,8X8 - £275.00

45x18 - 3x,12X12 - £380.00