Wedding FAQ

FAQ and relevant information that I will add to as appropriate.
Q. I own a camera, why should I use a wedding photographer?

A. As an experienced Sheffield based wedding photographer I can confidently see and compose an image, an ability that takes practice, drive and passion and doing this over a period of time we develop so that we are able to control certain aspects i.e. lighting, people and use methods and equipment to finalise the image. As photographers we have built up an image bank that we can call on when we see the opportunity to create a moment of precious beauty and emotion.
Owning a camera is not enough, there is far, far more to this process than that.
A wedding is an event that some photographers won’t touch, it is an important day that requires both people skills and photography skills. Without the people skills the photography will be forgetful. We as photographers have to work quickly, confidently and keep as much in the background so as to allow the day to run as freely as possible and capture natural aspects as they unfold. We visit wedding venues before the big day to ensure we know all the best angles and backdrops to capture you against and create special moments.
After you have planned and prepared for the perfect day spending up to £30-£50 per head for the Reception, Carriages/Car, Flowers, Church fees etc the taking of photographs that record these moments shouldn't be at the bottom of the budgeting list - have these memories recorded by a professional.

Back up equipment:

We always carry a second full kit system so if anything does go wrong we can continue working.

Q. What if the weather is bad?

A. Please be confident if the weather takes a turn for the worse, cloudy overcast days mean no shadows will be cast under the eyes, no blinking or squinting because of strong sunlight. If the event is marred by rain try to remain in a buoyant frame of mind, I can assure you that your head and heart will be focussed on the day ahead and you will brush the weather away with the happiness you will both radiate.
The final resulting images bound in your album will be far better than you could imagine.

Q. How do you deal with if shyness?

A. We try to put you at ease before the Wedding Day by structuring the day and letting you know what to expect from us. However If you don't enjoy being photographed (like me) I can assure you that having your family and friends will take away any shyness and you will radiate the happiness that you and all couples feel and that I so enjoy to capture.

Q. Do you create 'special effect' photography?

A. We ourselves endeavour to provide you with timeless images, some types of special effects photography can soon look dated. We will create a selection of special effect images, but filling an album with too many images of this type may not look so appealing in twenty years time. When creating the effect photography try to be subtle and not too garish.
We can change colour images to a black and white with any colour tint - sepia, blue etc, reportage images work well in black and white.
You will have the final choice.


If you have any examples of photographs you see in a bridal magazine – cut it out and show it to me and I will capture you in that style or pose.

Coverage on the Day:

Depending on time constraints, a typical wedding pans out in this order: -
Firstly we arrive as the bridal preparations are being made or the groom if this is preferred, here we are aiming to caprure detail shots of items such as the bouquet, shoes etc and some shots with the bridesmaids / bestman, mothers and fathers etc.
We then we head off to the church or registry to photograph the groom and family and the best man before thr bride arrives.
We then cover the arrival of the bride and her entrance into church, we can take photographs during the service after gaining permission, we are mostly allowed a couple of photographs of the couple standing at the alter - lately we find we can cover more stages of the service.
The signing of the registry is next, we also may take some groups whilst preparations are being made for the signing.
We take some of the bride and groom walking down the isle and in the church doorway, with throwing of confetti if allowed.
Some groups photographs are taken outside the church and we will get some with the bride and groom alone.
We can make a pre-arranged visit to a location where we take some of the bride and groom and close family members before heading off to the reception.
(Should you wish to visit a beauty spot/park, we will, of course, be happy to comply with your wishes but would remind you that your timetable must allow for this beforehand.)
There are certain parts of the reception to be photographed, the toast, cake cutting, meeting and greeting, speeches, first dance, the list goes on, friends turning up to a reception gets the party swinging and makes for some fun shots, all making for a varied selection of prints to go into the album and make up one you will want to keep looking at over the years.
Before the evening celebrations start we find an opportunity to whisk the bride & groom and bridal parties off to take some fun relaxed images.

We will be taking photographs whenever we see an opportunity, the list above is a guide and is not strictly followed - we take far more than listed above.

Q. Can other people take photographs?

A. Of course they can it's a free world. I've heard stories of other photographers getting angry with guests taking photographs -but not me. I will set up a group and after I have taken my photograph I will step back to let others take theirs.

Formal Group photography:

We will require assistance from either a friend, relative or the best man to help us in getting the subjects together to form the groups. It would be helpful to get somebody from either side to do this. This makes the job of photographing the groups run more smoothly so guests don't get bored, start feeling hungry e.t.c. We don't like standing in a group of people shouting names out and causing a disturbance.


We don't charge to travel within twenty-five miles from our home - way beyond the Sheffield boundary.

Meeting with us:

Contact us to arrange a non-obligatory meeting and we will come and show you examples of our work and selection of albums. We will discuss aspects of your big day – venues, travel times, timings of certain aspects of the day, what happens if the weather is bad, the amount of coverage you require e.t.c. If you choose to use our services to cover your day we will require a deposit to secure your date. We will come to visit again before the big day to discuss and finalize your requirements. If you require any other meetings just call us and we will come again.

Second meeting:

During the second meeting we will cover aspects in more detail, such as drawing up a family tree for us to get to know names of family members and to aid in producing a list to be used in photographing the formal group shots. We will discuss locations, what the weather is predicted to throw at us, any special requirements you have will be covered to make the event run smoothly as possible.

Q. There are so many photographers, packages and price structures - We are unsure who to use?

A. The simple answer is to go with your heart, if you get along with the photographer, like the packages they offer - use their services.
Regarding packages and album styles - with PJ Photography you can change your mind right up until and after the wedding.

Album design:

We will deliver or email all the resulting images to you. The main album will be designed by us and a resulting slide-show will be emailed to you. From this you can make any changes you desire. These emails will go back and forth until you are satisfied with the results.
We can design the album and visit you to finish it to your satisfaction - This usually takes a couple of visits - but you will end up with a truly exceptional album.
It takes a while but the end result is worth the effort and time.

Online - Wedding Album viewing facility:

You can visit imagicam to view the resulting images from your Wedding -you can order photos from here. The albums are password protected.
Albums can be viewed from anywhere in the world - so friends and relatives can see them.
This facility can be accessed via our 'Links' page.

Price / Package Structures:

Some photographers offer free services and charge more for other parts i.e. prints, framing.
Most boil down to around the same price when it's all totaled up.
Regarding packages some use set packages including albums whilst others set a price and charge extra for different albums and album sizes - make sure you understand what’s on offer and ask if you don't.
Make sure you understand how many pages you are getting in your package album, if this is unclear you may think you are getting more than you will receive. A twenty image/page album - will more that likely be produced using an album with 10 pages. Not very many page turns for your money and not a good memory of your day.
Make sure you know what is on offer in terms of amount of pages in the album you are receiving - leaves, sides, pages, spreads etc are all terms used to describe your album layout.

Please keep a copy of the package/pricing structure that I will provide you with (I will post these to you at the time of booking, when the deposit is paid) - these change on a frequent basis to keep things up to date.
If lost I will provide the current package available at the time.

Check out the small details of the photos on the photographers web-site. Attention to detail is key to getting an album which will bring on the tears (in a good way).
Look at the angles of the photographs - many of those that I have seen could be improved simple by removing a cushion or just changing position - tiny but important details. Simple attention to detail, effort, preparation and the Knack to take a cracking shot - and not just a snap shot. But, above all is the confidence that comes with experience.

Whatever happens, whoever you choose, take your time, see lots of examples and remember it's your day - we hope it goes well for you.

If you are working to a budget, call us to discuss price and package requirements and we will work something out with you.

P J Photography