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Box Framed Acrylic

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Box Framed Acrylic
Available in natural Ash or Black Wood finish to complement your chosen image.
Box Framed Acrylic

Standing flush to the wall, the chunky frame ensures your image will look stylish anywhere in your home. Similar to a chunky look canvas but with super shiny Acrylic giving a more modern stylish image presentation for today’s up to date interiors.
Using the same quality Acrylic, outstanding digital printing and quality wood frame, we guarantee the Acrylic box frame will not disappoint by delivering incredible detail and richness of colour.

Prices below: -

12x12” 300x300mm - £155.00
16x12” 300x400mm - £165.00
18x12” 300x450mm - £190.00
20x16” 400x500mm - £200.00
24x16” 400x600mm - £255.00
20x20” 500x500mm - £260.00
30x20” 500x750mm - £320.00
24x36” 600x900mm - £430.00
30x30” 750x750mm - £370.00