Image Presentation
A traditional approach to image display but now with state of the art technology to transform your image into a stunning Canvas Print which will last a lifetime,

Canvas Wrap Prints.

Each Canvas is hand stretched by our dedicated team of craftsmen who care about providing high quality stretched Canvas.

All our Canvas Prints are produced with premium quality stretcher bars complete with wedges the only correct way to produce a true Canvas Print, our stretcher bars are laminated to ensure your Canvas will never twist.

12x12” 300x300mm - £100.00
16x12” 300x400mm - £110.00
18x12” 300x450mm - £125.00
20x16” 400x500mm - £160.00
24x16” 400x600mm - £185.00
20x20” 500x500mm - £195.00
30x20” 500x750mm - £225.00
24x36” 600x900mm - £275.00
30x30” 750x750mm - £265.00
30x40” 750x1000mm - £340.00
40x40” 1000x1000mm - £440.00