Image Presentation
The crisp, clean lines of the perspective acrylic subtly enhances your favourite image,

The Acrylic Perspective.

The Acrylic Perspective
The Acrylic Perspective enables you to create fantastic new opportunities in furnishing and photography.
The Perspective is taking pride of place in the modern home and office.
The frame, which is precision made is a high quality item in itself but add to this your image and you have a desirable piece of display art.
A true archival print, skilfully mounted and enclosed in acrylic plate - a translucent, frosted border and chrome silver display studs add dimension to create an impressive display.
Prices below: -

20x16 - £250.00
24x20 - £300.00
24x24 - £330.00
30x20 - £350.00
30x24 - £380.00