Portrait FAQ

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Portrait Photography FAQ

Who will be taking the photographs?
Phil takes all the photographs for all sessions.

Where do the portrait sessions take place?
We have a small home studio which is OK for small groups and head and shoulder shots.
We can visit an outside location. The moors are close by and offer dramatic backdrops. We can also bring our studio to your premises if you require, a large space is required for family groups, so furniture may have to be moved.

What clothing should we wear?
You can wear what you are comfortable in. Most prefer loose fitting clothing with simple designs or plain clothing so as to be not too distracting.
If you are having a family location shoot wear similar styles of clothing. Rustic country clothing, jeans, cords, smart jumpers, nice skirts, jackets – smart casual.
Try to avoid stripes or check designs as they may dominate the overall look of the image.
If you are having a family portrait session try to wear clothing in a similar tonal range so one member of the family doesn't stand out more than the others.
Darker coloured clothing tend to be more flattering and slimming, for the most successful portrait photographs wear simple clothing styles creating a timeless look.
For studio portrait sessions you can wear more colourful clothing. You will be photographed against a lighter or white background, but a more outdoor style of clothing works well with the darker backgrounds.
It is really up to you - Let your personalities shine through!
Teenagers in individual portraits, wear what suits their personalities bright colours, bold poses, come as you are.
To get the best out of your portrait sessions, we recommend that each family member has a selection of clothing to change into, you can mix and match on the day.
For children try to avoid clothing that will date the image as the portrait will last longer than the popularity of the computer game/cartoon character or football player for example.

Surprise your children on the day of the session so they don't feel too much pressure to perform,
they tend to act more natural if they don’t know they are going to be photographed.
With younger children they sometimes feel more comfortable with accessories, favourite toys, hats, teddy bears or anything they like, these can all help bring out their personalities. As they relax we can take some photos without the items if you wish.
Some sweets can help for after the session.

How long does a portrait session last?
That depends on what service you require, head-shots for social media take around 40 minutes. Family portraits will take longer. We will continue with the shoot until we get a selection of photographs for the CD.
You can change clothes – backgrounds, locations etc. A family shoot may take an hour or over a location family shoot can take over 2 ½ to 3 hours.

What are your portrait session fees?
It depends on what service you require.
Please check out our portrait/offers page
We charge a sitting fee and offer complimentary prints chosen from a selection of images taken from the day. These are proof written and can be emailed to you for image selection – if you have time you can select your favourite to be worked on at the time of the shoot.
Sitting fees are to be paid on the day, re-prints and frames are paid for on collection.

Can I bring props?
You can bring whatever item you like – if it will brings out your or your childrens personality.
If the prop helps you children come out of their shell bring it along.
Items such as a guitar or skateboard will add character teenagers photograph session. Young children will feel relaxed and will focus and play with familiar toys.
If you have a large prop please contact me beforehand.

Can I bring include my pets in the portrait session?
Please feel free to bring your family pet – we have a pet portrait session.
Can I have my photographs printed in black and white?
Yes, we use high resolution digital cameras. This means you can purchase colour, black and white, sepia, colour tinted photographs. We offer montage prints with up to 3 images on one print.

How long does it take to get our prints back after the session?
That depends on workload, it usually takes one week but may go up to two. If you need your prints quickly please let me know beforehand – I will prioritise your work (workload permitting).

What times are the portrait sessions held?
We will work with the times that you are free to visit – please book early to secure your portrait session

How do I book PJ Photography for a portrait session?
Great, you’d like to schedule a session!  Contact us by phone, email or the contact us page to let us know what you’re interested in and when you’d like to schedule a session.

How far in advance do we need to book?
Portrait photography sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Popular times such as holiday periods, Summer or Autumn please book early. Christmas and New Year where Families get together to celebrate are a good time to have a family session.

If one of your children acts up on the day of the shoot – we can arrange another sitting (within one month) free of charge.
For very young children, it is a good idea to book an appointment at the time of day when they are least tired or book a home portrait session where they will feel at ease and you have all you need at hand.

I hate having my photograph taken how can you help?
Me too!! We understand and work hard to make the session as much fun and as relaxing as possible. Most sitters who come to us have a degree of shyness and reservation. We will talk you through the process as the session progresses we're sure you will grow in confidence as you see the images we produce. You'll end up feeling great.

If you want a certain style of image please collect examples and we will aim to emulate the style.

Please arrive promptly at your allocated studio time as the chances are if you arrive before your appointment, I am likely to have another client in and wont be able to accommodate you earlier. I'll contact you on the day if the session has to be set back or postponed.