Image Presentation
Create visual impact with a Crystal Clear Diamond Polished Acrylic an amazing WOW factor presentation for your images,

12mm Acrylic Prints.

Incredible Detail and Richness of Colour. Pure wall furniture.
12mm Acrylic Print

The chunky 12mm Acrylic panel stands 25mm off the wall and comes complete with four pre-drilled holes in each corner, the finished artwork is secured to the wall with chrome or satin fixing supports.
The image is first printed onto a quality archival photographic paper.
Using the latest equipment the prints show incredible detail and exceptional richness and depth of colour.
The photographic prints are laminated onto the rear of clear 12mm acrylic panels using an optically clear laminate.
The edges of the Acrylic panels are diamond polished to a high standard.

Chunky 12mm High Quality Acrylic
Polished or Satin Chrome Fitting included.
Diamond Polished Edge - The Best Possible Edge for Acrylic.

Prices below: -

12x12” 300x300mm - £190.00
16x12” 300x400mm - £200.00
18x12” 300x450mm - £255.00
20x16” 400x500mm - £265.00
24x16” 400x600mm - £310.00
20x20” 500x500mm - £325.00
30x20” 500x750mm - £400.00
24x36” 600x900mm - £540.00
30x30” 750x750mm - £530.00
30x40” 750x1000mm - £635.00