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For Baby portrait photography we give you *Baby Daze*- Recording your baby's first year of life. To capture those fleeting moments that pass so quickly we introduce our studio based Baby *Daze* portrait photography session.

Baby *Daze* Photography.

Natelie and Mother, Christina a lovely moment.
Baby portrait photography in Sheffield - These are precious moments in the development of your baby, that will pass so quickly - have them recorded for prosperity.

For £120 we will provide three sessions to capture key moments such as a curled up newborn(1-2 weeks), crawling, walking etc - just call and we will record the progress.
After each session you will receive a Proof CD containing all images, from these you can choose 2x 12x8 prints and 2 7x5's.

*New Offer* - You could incorporate a pre-birth session into the Baby *Daze* session for £50 (£30 Price reduction) to record all aspects and perhaps include your partner - the choice is yours.
That's four Sittings for £170.
With the Pre-Births session you can choose a complimentary 15x10 print and 2x 7x5's from the proof written CD.
Included in the offer is a DVD of all your Favorite images set to the music of your choice presented in a quality case.

Wearing white or pastel colours suits this subject, but again, the colour choice is yours.

The resulting images can be presented as pure wall art in a Frame, Canvas or an ultra modern Acrylic montage.
However the images are presented you can be sure that they will be a talking point for years to come and a lasting memory of those precious days.
You can have your images presented in Colour, Black and White and Colour Tints - Metallic Prints also available.

There is a single photo session for those not wanting the baby *Daze* service - we will record those precious memories for £60 with 2 complimtary 12x8 prints.

PJ Photography - for baby portrait photography in Sheffield.

Baby portrait photography in Sheffield

New *Sleepy Heads* service coming soon.....