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Pubic relations images for your website - Presenting yourself or your team of workers to the public.

Corporate staff portrait photography

As a professional head-shot Photographer in Sheffield we at PJ Photography we understand the importance of these images in presenting you or your staff members to the public in a consistent professional style.
These images put a face to your company and give an edge, not just in presentation but in creating an approachable friendly demeanour.
These can be shot in the same style as a head-shot or 3/4 length image.
We can utilise our studio equipment to take these against a white, black or gray backdrop or a suitable backdrop in your workplace.
A boardroom or other area could be set up for the session.

We can provide images of staff members in their usual working area, small groups and the whole workforce can be taken outside or in other locations.

Pricing will differ for different companies and requirements please call for more details.

These images project the right impression to your future clients, whether it's for your website, promotional material or a profile photograph on Linkedin or other marketing service.

PJ Photography - PR Photography.

PJ Photography - PR Photography.

PJ Photography - PR Photography.

PJ Photography Headshot business photography sheffield -

PJ Photography Head-shot business photography sheffield

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