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Are you Gym Fit? We are now providing a Gym >Fit< Portrait Photography session.

PJ Photography for workout, fitness, gym photography in Sheffield.

Gym Fitness photography

Sessions available in our studio, your address, outside location and gym.
There sessions are provided for personal trainers, professionals and enthusiasts.
You've pounded the track, pumped the weights, swam the seas, stretched, sweated, ached and burnt out and started again....
Now, with your new improved chassis - its time to relax (briefly) with a portrait photography session at
PJ Photography.

Display your pride in black and white or dynamicolour.

Studio photography session.
We are offering a service to record your progress at the gym, an ideal gift, images can be creative, abstract, montage, whatever you desire we will work with you to achieve images you’ll love.
Sitting Fee - £60 with 2x 10x8 mounted prints, sessions lasting 1-2 hours. Photos styles can be neutral, faithful, glamour glow retro or very dynamic images (HDR) used to full effect.
We provide Proof written images via post on a CD, a posted Contact Sheet or images via email for you to choose your images and order reprints.
We provide sitting fees and reprint prices all well in-line with current pricing structures.

If you own a Gym and would like for us to hold a session at your gym or know someone who would be interested please get in touch.
We will undertake a PR Photography Session at your gym to show the areas of your gym for marketing.

Please contact us for more details of our gym/fitness/workout photography.


Tips for creating the perfect image.

  • Before the session can you wear loose fitting clothing to avoid marking the skin.

  • Visit a tanning salon to add show you at your best - waxing, nails and hair can be done to show you in perfect form.

  • Perform a google search and show us the resulting images so we know what you would like to create

  • A little pre-shoot work out can emphasize the muscles adding extra dynamism to the shoot.

  • Bring a selection of clothing/gym wear to add variety to your photos.

  • Bring a selection of heels and trainers together with your selection of clothing and a towel if you are using a bench.

  • Can you bring a robe to keep you warn during the shoot.

  • Baby oil can be applied to show your curves, water applied adds a shaping sheen.

  • Bring a selection of relevant props to enhance the images. Weights, belts, straps etc.

Please contact us for more details of our gym/fitness/workout photography.